AutoCAD clone/Linux/$99 only!

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AutoCAD clone/Linux/$99 only!

Postprzez cadsoftw » maja 24, 1999 21:01

Software Forge Inc. a company form Illinois
( http://www. l i n u x c a d .com ),
who has developed and markets professional Computer Aided Drafting System for Linux: L i n u x C A D ,
announces very special offer to Enterprise customers !!!

The offer:
Qualified Enterprise Customers may purchase Enterprise wide license
to use L i n u x C A D v 2.0 for only $999 per one location.
How does this offer work:
1) Customers who will take the advantage of this offer will obtain the
legal right to use unlimited number of copies of L i n u x C A D v 2.0 in one
location only. for example if you have design facilities in Chicago and
Seattle. You will have to purchase two Enterprise wide licenses if you want to use
L i n u x C A D in two locations.
2) All copies are upgradeable for free until January 2001.
3) Technical support via e-mail will be provided for all copies.
This offer is temporary only and will expire at arbitrary time at our sole
discreation , in fact it will expire after first few customers who will respond.
Because we do not plan to overextend our technical support resources.

What is L i n u x C A D ?:

L i n u x C A D is a new generation software for Linux, running on top of X-Windows
L i n u x C A D provides graphics editing and graphics modelling capabilities
for broad spectrum of applications.

The following works can be done in L i n u x C A D :

Software Development Flowcharting ,
Entity Relationship Diagramming,
System Administration Diagramming and you actually can start
your sysadmin tasks from inside L i n u x C A D ,
Mechanical Engineering drafting,
PCB and schematic design ( easily integrated with routing programs ),
Geographicsl Information Systems,
Any kind of drafting where integration with database is important,
Floor plans for buildings and facilities,
Architectural Drafting,
Front end for programmable rendering systems like OpenGL,
Can be used to replace ACAD in every application later is used !!!

L i n u x C A D is an AutoCAD for Linux for all practical purposes it implements
all major features of ACAD in such a way that new users (who had ACAD experience before)
do not need any additional training to start working with L i n u x C A D .

L i n u x C A D is a professional quality Computer Aided design and Drafting
system for Linux , L i n u x C A D is all graphics , all visual modelling and
all diagramming you may need for Linux !!!

L i n u x C A D - a must have for every Linux user.

L i n u x C A D for Intel costs only $99 ( all opional before modules included ).


Some of the L i n u x C A D features include:

1. Complete creation of professional 2D drawings.
2. 3D modelling.
3. Printing to HPGL compatible plotters ,
4. Printing DeskJet and LaserJet ,
5. Printing and export to Postscript
6. Printing to L i n u x C A D MS Windows based Print server.
7. Blocks and Attributes - just like in AutoCAD.
8. Bezier Splines.
9. 3D objects and algorythms.
10. User Coordinate Systems.
11. Hidden lines removal.
12. Dview command.
13. Forming of 3D shapes by extrusion and revolution.
14. Support for SHX fonts in unifont format. That means national symbols,
including german accent letters, cyrillic, katakana, kanji.
15. DWG Format support !!!

To learn more about L i n u x C A D check out the web site:

http://www. l i n u x c a d .com

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