How detailed do you get in your sheet metal drawings?

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How detailed do you get in your sheet metal drawings?

Postprzez Kevin247 » kwi 24, 2021 14:38

If you use the sheet metal tools in Solidworks (or most other CAD software), some of the cuts and notches are generated kind of automatically when you bend a side, etc.

I normally would generate both a flat pattern as well as a folded views of the model, but I feel that it is way overkill to dimension every tiny little indent and notch and cut. This is especially true because most sheet metal companies would be creating the part right off the CAD file.

I'm more used to creating drawings of milled or turned parts, and while I enjoy creating sheet metal parts, the detailing part of it is a little confusing. https://19216881.org/ https://1921681001.link/ https://19216801.digital/

I would like to pick up a good book that covers "best practices" when it comes to sheet metal forming, as well as a good which might show examples of detail drawings. Milling and turning and other machining operations are so different that I have to think differently when I design in sheet metal. Any good good recommendations?
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