[ANN] Mappetizer 1.5 now available

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[ANN] Mappetizer 1.5 now available

Postprzez Armin Mueller » mar 04, 2009 14:31

Mappetizer is a tool that gives you the opportunity to convert spatial data
into the SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format. You can then use these SVG
files to publish them on the Web or on CD-ROM.
To create your maps you do not need any GIS software. You can then use these
SVG files to publish them on
the Web or on CD-ROM.
Mappetizer offers many features to create interactive maps of high quality,
like identifying features, viewing the attribute table, map-tips,
hyperlinks, turn on and off layers, measurement tools, and many others.
SVG is an open standard and has been developed by the World Wide Web
Consortium (W3C). The SVG standard is a W3C Recommendation.

Additional information about Mappetizer and the possibility to download an
evaluation version are available under http://www.mappetizer.de

Mappetizer offer the following features:

* Support of the most common geo formats (Shapefile, Mif/Mid, Mapinfo,
* Support of raster formats (TIFF, JPEG, GIF, PNG)
* Map and layout settings can be reviewd in a perview window
* Layers can be displayed in a preview window
* The setting of the original extent can be done interactively
* The size of point and line symbols can be controlled by a reference
* Settings for minimal and maximal zoom scale
* View the map in an individual scale
* Zoom to overview
* Individual zooming and panning
* Scale bar
* Measurement tools
* Coordinate read-out
* Several layout settings
* Mapscale dependent view of layers
* Turn on and off individual layers
Armin Mueller

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